Shillong-ah MYC Perhkhuang-a a ti tha te leh Sound from the Hills an che tha – Hornbill Festival-ah inlan zui dawn

Mizoram youth commission (MYC) leh a thawhpui North East Wave (NEW)-in MYC Perhkhuang winners 2021 te leh Mizoram cultural band Sound from the Hills te Meghalaya, Shillong-a Cherry Bloosom Festival 2021-ah a tir a. Khawvel huap pawha hriathlawh ni ta Nagaland-a Hornbill Festival-ah December ni 7-ah an inlan bawk ang.

Mizo zaimi leh rimawi tum thiam te hi Shillong-a Cherry Blossom festival-ah hian Indian Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR) team angin an inlan a. He festival-a khuallian Ambassador of Japan Satoshi Suzuki pawhin Mizo thalai te che velin a mit leh beng an tih tlai hle thu a sawi.

MYC Perhkhuang winners te hi nakum lamah AR Rahman convervatory of music leh Task force for Music and Arts (Tafma) Govt of Nagaland te nen mentorship training neihpui tura ruahman a ni bawk.

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