MZU hnuaia undergraduate-ah 86.80%-in pass

Aizawl: Mizoram University-a Examinations Department-in nimin zing dar 8 khan MZU hnuaia undergraduate (BA/B.Sc/B.Com/B.Sc (Home Science) leh professional course thenkhat – BCA, MCA, BSW leh BBA result a tichhuak a. Undergraduate final exam hmachhawn zirlai 4,819 zingah 4,183 (86.80%) an pass.

BA exam 4,017 zingah 3,437 (85.56%) an pass a, B.Sc exam 540 zingah 493 (91.30%) pass. B.Com exam 244 zingah 235 (96.31%)-in an pass-a, B.Sc (Home Science) exam zirlai 18-te an pass vek.

Arts stream-ah Govt. Zawlnuam College atanga exam zirlai pariat leh Helen Lowry College atanga exam zirlai 15-te an pass vek a. Science stream-ah Pachhunga University College-in ti tha berin an zirlai exam 259 zinga 244 (94.21%)-in an pass a. Commerce-ah Govt. J. Buana College, HATIM, Helen Lowry College leh St. Xaviers’ College atanga zirlai exam te an pass vek bawk.

Pachhunga University College-a BA zirlai, Lalruatsanga’n grade hmu sang berin, cummulative grade point average (CGPA) 9.38 hmuin gold medalist a ni a, Economics honours subject la a ni. B.Sc. zirlai zingah Govt. Zirtiri RSC-a zirlai, Lalparvuli chu CGPA hmu sang ber niin, 9.64 hmuin, BSc gold medalist a ni thung a, ani hi Botany subject honours a ni.

Commerce subject-a Govt. Hrangbana College-a zirlai, Lalmalsawmi’n CGPA hmu sang berin, 9.11 hmuin gold medalist a ni a, Govt. Zirtiri RSC-a zirlai, Lalremkimi’n Home Science-ah CGPA 8.60 hmuin gold medalist a ni.

Professional course lamah – Master of computer applications (MCA) zirlai 28-te an pass vek a. CGPA 9.21 hmutu, Alvin K. Lalrintluanga chu gold medalist a ni a. Bachelor of Bussiness Administration (BBA)-ah zirlai 49-ah 45 (91.83)-in an pass-a. CGPA 8.49 hmutu, Ch Lalramzauvi, PUC chu gold medalist a ni. Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) zirlai 35-te an pass vek a. Mark za-a 76.67 hmutu, Tanihsa, Devine Mercy college gold medalist a ni.

MZU chuan final result bakah 2nd & 4th semester result pawh tichhuakin, 2nd semester zirlai exam 7,744 zingah 7,528 (97.21%)-in an pass a, 4th semester zirlai exam 6,857 zinga 6,732 (98.18)-in an pass bawk.

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