END-in heroin thahnem tak man

Ni thum chhungin Excise & Narcotics Department (END)-in heroin \hahnem tak man.
October 22 tlai dar 4:30 khan END leh FGT Southern Hq., Border Security Force, Durtlang te chuan joint operation neiin NH 306, North Chhimluang, Kolasib district-ah heroing gram 808.600 (hawng 65) leh a neitu nia puh — Ramneihthanga (47), Vairengte Chhim veng, Kolasib District nia inchhal chu an man.
October 23 chhun dar 12:40 khan END hian Hunthar veng, Aizawl-ah heroin gram 22 (hawng 2) leh a neitu nia puh — Lalrindika (28), Bethel veng, Champhai nia inchhak an man a. Nimin zing dar 7:30 khan Zote khaw bul, Kawipui, Champhai District-ah heroin gram 58.700 (hawng 5) leh a neitu nia puh — Gawihsianvungi (39), Myanmar nia inchhal chu an man bawk.
Heroin vanga mante hi The Narcotic Drugs & Psychotropic Substances Act, 1985 tlawhchhana thubuai siamsak an ni.

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